Hosting & Support


We provide two types of services when it comes to hosting depending on your needs.

- One option is to have the site hosted in one of our cloud servers, we take care of all configuration aspects, you don't have to deal with a single thing, not even having to know a username and password. The site is simply on the web.

- Another option is we assist you in acquiring a cloud based virtual private hosting. We can recommend providers or evaluate the ones you bring up. We manage all configuration aspects, but you keep the relationship with the provider.

So the site is up and running, what now?

All our deliverables are bug free. We won't consider a project finished until it goes through heavy testing and all possible bugs are gone. Once the project is closed the system will need periodic updates. Drupal core and contributed modules need to be in their latest versions at all times to guarantee the maximum level of security. We offer maintenance hour packages to deal with this and we will take care of monitoring and performing those updates, as well as keep you informed of them.

All our projects are delivered with Google Analytics integrated (unless otherwise stated), that way you will have access at all times to wide variety of access statistics related to your website.

SEO Friendly

Drupal is by nature a very good friend of search engines. From a technical point of view, your website will fulfill all recommendations and best practices that major search engines establish. Nevertheless, we will assist you in organizing your content in a way that they will be strategically conceived to achieve your search results positioning goals.