Custom modules

What is a Drupal module?

A very basic approach in understanding Drupal's architecture is to see it as a central core and a collection of modules that are attached to it. The basic Drupal installation comes out of the box with a handful of modules that constitute the basic Drupal package. Not all of them need to be activated, only the ones that are going to be used in a certain project. Modules are meant to perform very specific functions. For instance the "node" module is in charge of managing the basic content unit that Drupal handles, which is a "node". The taxonomy module can handle content categories and tags, and so on. Besides the core modules, there is a vast amount of community contributed modules that can be found in the Drupal website. This is one of Drupal's most valuable assets. These modules are developed and maintained by community members, and you can find modules to perform a wide variety of tasks.

If you can't find it, we do it...

But sometimes, there are specific functionalities which no existing module can perform, nor a combination of them, or not in the way that a certain project requires it. And that's the case where you can hire us to develop a module "à la carte". We will deliver a Drupal module that is built according to all best practices and can be installed in any functional Drupal instance.