Custom Theming

What is a Drupal Theme?

A Drupal theme is a collection of HTML, CSS, Javascript and graphic assets that combined in the right "Drupal" way result in the front layer of the website. A Drupal theme is responsible for both the layout and the look and feel of the website. There are many community contributed themes available to download for free in the Drupal website. Also there are many themes that can be purchased from different vendors and can be found out there.

We convert your designs into a Drupal theme

Here at Sansites, we can convert any design you provide to us into a fully functional, portable Drupal theme. Our Drupal themers specialists will extract assets from the PSD's (or similar) files you send us, and produce a deliverable package that can be installed easily in any functional Drupal instance. Cool effects can be added to the theme through the use of jQuery.


All our themes are built implementing the latest standards. All markup and CSS is W3C validated and layouts can be fully responsive to adapt to any device out there.