What we do

Sansites is a web design and development team that builds powerful and beautiful sites and apps using Drupal open source content management system.

Why Drupal?

Drupal is an open source CMS (Content Management System) that can be configured and customized to build practically any kind of website or webapp you can imagine. The development of Drupal itself is driven by a community of passionate contributors from all over the world. Drupal is behind more than a million sites nowadays which includes WhiteHouse.gov, World Economic Forum, Stanford University, and Examiner.com among others. By implementing Drupal when building a website, you get a product that is built with the best coding standards, using the latest technologies available, which is the result of the combined efforts and visions of many leading developers in the industry. Your website will be secure, scalable and optimized for the best performance a site can have.

And most importantly of all this, we are Drupal fanatics ;)

How we do it?

Sansites is a team, and when you hire us, no one else is working on your project. That's our commitment, we will never outsource our work. Our compromise with the projects we are working on is key to our philosophy. Each of the members of Sansites is a specialist in its field. We are not interested in becoming a huge company, we enjoy working in exciting projects and get them done. We are passionate about the latests trends in development and we do our best to be a part of them.

What happens when you hire us?

- A project manager will be at your disposal during the entire development process. Their job is to bring together the right people form each side to get the job done.

- An account will be generated in our project management platform. All people involved in the project will be added to the platform.

- We will produce meaningful wireframes to consolidate all functional aspects of the project, identifying the roles that are involved and producing user stories to illustrate the different interactions between parties.

- If we are performing graphic design for your project, several rounds of proposals and feedback will be held until we get to the final product. Samples will be presented in a manner that will exactly reflect the desired result.

- A password protected staging server will be available at all times with the latest state of the project. Development will be driven using an agile perspective, focused on small iterations that will add specific sets of features each time. This way there are never surprises at the time of delivery and the project is enriched at every stage.

- Working with us will be an exciting adventure! It's our commitment that our clients enjoy the journey.